Damage of Divorce

Society today is all about finding the newest and best thing on the market. I’m not even sure what the current version of iphone is out right now. Last I checked it was like the iphone15 I think. We have come to a point in our lives where a binding contract is avoided in every way, because what if something better comes out right?

This being said, you might be interested to hear that the divorce rate in America has actually gone down since the 1970’s. However this is largely due to the fact that the cohabitation rate has gone up drastically, so there is no need for divorce. The sad truth of the matter is, there is a lack of commitment in society that in my opinion, is not receiving the attention it deserves.

The damaging affect that divorce has on the younger generations in the home should never be over looked. We cannot expect that these impressionable, younger generations are not being affected by this in a negative way. When we make things that appear to be replaceable to our children they too will grow up with that very same mentality. Divorce is damaging to far more than the members directly involved.


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