Traditional Families

How interesting is it that the topic of a family has become a controversial, and potentially offensive conversation that needs to be approached with caution? Something that use to be common ground amongst people was that the family was worth fighting, something to be cherished, never trashed. Now, due to the rise of controversy in the gay and lesbian community, being a supporter of a traditional family is offensive?

I don’t want to begin a who blames who blog entry here. I don’t want to begin who is right sort of entry either. What I would like to do is express my gratitude and support for the family that I was raised in, that I do not consider traditional or common, but with a mother and a father at the head of the family leading us. I encourage everyone to consider respect and love when approaching this topic. Yes, I was raised by two loving parents, a mother and a father. Yes I am a supporter of a traditional family, because I believe that there are things that both a man and a woman bring to a relationship that are necessary and beneficial to the family. And yes, I believe that everyone deserves respect and consideration. I am grateful for the time and love that my parents put into raising me in the traditional, not so traditional family I call my own.

Please feel free to check out this link on the LDS faiths take on the traditional family.