We have been living in a very interesting time when it comes to love and the family unit. There has been a significant, and constant change in the way people view equality and the family. A popular tag on Facebook right now is the hashtag #lovewins.

This is a sensitive subject that I believe should be approached with caution on every end and in every side. What does it mean to say that love wins? If love was winning then no one would ridicule any other person because of their moral beliefs and standards. In my personal opinion I do not believe that people are typically born with same sex attraction, I believe that they are born with more tendencies to be different, which society has pushed that that means you must have same sex attraction. Regardless of my beliefs, or anyone opposing beliefs, wouldn’t ‘love win’ if we were choosing to love and respect everyone around us? Not just the people who agree with you and your views on who you choose to love.


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