Newly Wed’s

La la la newly wed’s. What a beautifully blissful time! According to movies at least. What all is included in that first year of being a blissful newly wed? When you take the time to examine that first year there a bit more to it than a honeymoon and opening presents. This is the time that you learn how to work together in every aspect of your lives. This is when you have to learn what it is like to actually live with this person. This is when you begin to learn what it means to be in love with someone you may not always like all the time. Something that I think is extremely interesting is how the marital satisfaction can change when a child might be brought into the picture.  Studies have shown that the marital satisfaction decreases with the first child. Why is this? Suddenly you are now getting use to living with another little human, and suddenly stresses begin to run a little high. Personally I have watched my sweet sister and her husband’s marriage take on some changes with their first child. I have learned so much from watching her.

When a child is brought into the equation new responsibilities are brought to life, and a division of attention is becoming more and more clear. In some situations women might go through a bit of a phase where they have a hard time sharing the love with both the husband and the new baby that she might be having some separation anxiety with.


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