What is more scary than the idea of parenting? You are raising a child to enter into the world, and every choice you make in how you parent will possibly have a lasting effect on your child. So how do you parent? What are the best strategies to insure that you will not completely screw up your child? Is there even a good answer to this question? We have been discussing this quite a bit and there is something that I has stuck out to me most heavily. This being validation. I think that there is no solid perfect way to parent every child, because every child is so very different. However, I think that when you choose to work with your child and to always try and validate what they are thinking and feeling before redirecting the child will begin to understand and see that they are important. Their opinion matters to you, and you believe that they have purpose. This does not mean that you condone everything that a child my do. There are things that are always going to be inappropriate and will need some redirection or consequence from a loving parent, but also to know that what they are feeling IS valid. They matter, they are respected. This is so important. I have been contemplating how different I would be if this was something that was implicated with my by my very own parents.


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