Transition Into Marriage

We have been discussing the different things that come with transitioning from a dating life into a married life. I am currently a student at BYU-Idaho. If any of you are familiar with the different stereotypes of BYU-Idaho then you might be familiar with the typical saying, ‘BYU-I-Do’. We love to marry people off here. We marry young, and we marry quick. Some think that it is crazy, some think that it is inspired, but I believe that if you do it right, it is beautiful. However, when talking about some of the transitions that must be taken into consideration before we hop into that stereotype. Some of the different things we discussed that are included in the transition are:

How would you handle family holidays?

How would you handle finances?

Who would be the main provider?

What type of parenting styles do you believe in?

How would you handle the intimate relationships?

And many many more. So how do you teach people the importance of learning and exploring these in an appropriate way before you are married? Can you learn to do this with more than one person? Food for thought.


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