Merging Families

Within that vital first year of marriage so much has to be bridged between to individuals. You have to merge your finances, your traditions, your belongings, the duties in the home, working out the kinks of communication, deciding on family rules, among many other things, simply how to live together. These are some delegate situations would you agree?

Who’s family will we spend Christmas with?

How will we handle the bills and budgets? What can we now afford?

Where will we put your things? Do we have enough things? Do we have too much for our living space?

Where are we going to live?

Who is taking out the trash?

How would we raise children?

Not easy questions to just answer off the top of your head. Two grown adults in love, who made the decision to be together for the rest of their live struggle with this throughout that first vital year. Now think about adding two separate families into that situation? How do you effectively combine to families so that everyone at the end of the day is happy, and loves being together?

There, I am sure, many different methods that can be taken when approaching a delegate situation like this one. One that I feel might be one of the most effective would be family counsel. We have discussed in class several different times the importance and effectiveness of a family counsel. When approaching situations as a team, not as individuals, families might find that everyone is much more willing to abide by a new set, or merge of family rules and life style if they have a proper, and even say in the matter.

How would you approach the situation?


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